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If you’re interested in inspiring a values or based culture, improving engagement, or learning how to build a successful and enduring culture, you’re in the right place!

Sunny is a sought-after speaker appearing at events around the world such as Good to Great where she inspires groups with her bright and unique brand of passion. She is the Founder and CCO (Chief Culture Officer) at Culture Trails, the Culture Chief at Delivering Happiness and accomplished culture coach. But her real street cred comes from her role as a one of the world’s first happiness consultants and Zappos culture experts. She has been an impassioned thought leader in the culture movement and featured in publications such as The Decoded Company and Fast Company.

Keynotes and Short Talks

We aim to inform, inspire (entertain a little:) and activate your audience. Getting the topic right is part of the magic. We’ll work with you to customize any talk. Here are some popular topics:

  • The Competitive Advantage of Culture
  • Starting, Scaling and Sustaining Culture
  • How to Create a Culture by Design
  • Creating a Culture of Happiness
  • Leading with Values
  • Purpose as a Driver of Meaning and Success
  • Finding Your Purpose
  • Why Happiness is the new Engagement
  • The Zappos Story and Model
  • Measuring Happiness
  • Wholeness and Transparency at Work
  • An Culture of Engagement and Co-ownership
  • The Delivering Happiness Story and Movement
  • Happiness is a Choice
  • Teal Organizational Evolution and Holacracy
  • Leader’s Role in Creating & Maintaining Great Culture
  • Happiness as a Business Model
  • Committable Core Values
  • Creating a Culture of Customer Service

FANTASTIC presentation today. Sunny was informative, fun, creative and to the point; much appreciated, as I go to a lot of events with multiple speakers that are not so dynamic.

Carol J. Nicholson | Corporate Sales Manager | Atlantis Casino Resort Spa

On behalf of the Business Group, thank you for the inspiring opening keynote at our Leadership Summit on Workforce Well-being. Our members loved it and many (many!) rated it as their favorite presentation of the day. We truly appreciate the time and energy invested in creating and delivering a keynote tailored to our audience. Without a doubt, it was a homerun.

Dannielle Sherrets | Director, Workforce Well-being  | National Business Group on Health

Thank you for the excellent presentation, [Sunny] showed the way to create an organization in which people can perform and thrive.

Guy Cornelius | PhD, Leadership, Team & Org Dev | Summit HR Solutions

Sunny was absolutely great. I heard several business leaders talking about her session afterwards for days …The ideals came through loud and clear.  That a company’s culture comes from within.  That an organization’s brand is only as effective as the spirit of its employees; and that cultural leadership is driving the business model of the world’s most distinct and successful companies.

Antonio Ferranti | Vice President, Sales | Alfred Music

Sunny’s engaging style and personality were the perfect tone to kick off our event. I cannot remember a speaker who was easier to work with. The  evaluations were overwhelmingly positive, citing that her talk was an inspiration, informational, and had practical applications our attendees could easily relate to on both a personal and business level. She caught the attention and passions of everyone in the room.

Richard Rejino  |  Executive Director | Alfred Music


Good news- we are able to accommodate most budgets! Prices start at $1k for small businesses and startups that partner with us and range up to $10k for customized keynotes.