Bring your event to life with an interactive breakout. 

Give your team a shot of motivation and inspired group training all at once.

Breakout sessions are 1 to 2 hours of action packed learning so participants come away energized , inspired and empowered with their own ideas to use and happiness and wellbeing concepts to immediately improve their health, performance, and your workplace.  

Each session introduces the main elements of a happy, sustainable culture from values to purpose to wholeness and strategy. They emphasize experiential learning and actionable takeaways to empower every participant to take both immediate action and to build long term foundations for successful culture.

Our team of coach-sultants will customize a session to match your unique culture needs.  Here are some popular sessions:

  • From Real to Ideal- envisioning and activating your ideal culture
  • Why and How and Oh Yeah! Of Core Values – personal values as the foundation of culture
  • Higher Purpose in Action – discover how  personal higher purpose drives culture and business results
  • Culture of WOW Customer Service – how to build a culture of customer service
  • Connection at Work – how this soft skill matters for your health, wealth and business success


We believe culture support should be widely available because every company deserves a great culture. So we are committed to working with a range of budgets, starting at $1k for nonprofits and startups looking to partner with us, to $8k for a customized breakout.